Our Mission



Not that long ago Guernsey County was bustling center of railroad activity. Freight could be shipped east and west on the B&O Railroad or north and south on the Pennsylvania Railroad.  In the southern half of the county, the B&O "Eastern Ohio" branchline extended from Lore City to Cumberland.   A narrow gauge line, the Ohio River & Western, served the city of Cumberland in  the southwest corner of the county.  At one time, all of these lines operated daily passenger and freight trains.

- Railroads of Guernsey County during the 20th century and as they exist today -

Unfortunately less than half of Guernsey County's railroads remain intact today.  The majority of the county's rails were abandoned in the 1970's and 1980's.   Unfortunately, once a railroad is removed, it is next to impossible to rebuild it due to the high cost of track materials and labor. That is why it is so important to preserve what rails exist today.

The mission of the Byesville Scenic Railway is to preserve, restore, maintain and operate historic and vintage railway equipment and to provide scenic train rides featuring a living history of the local coal mines. To promote, create and maintain a railroad and coal mining museum and display site for the education and entertainment of the general public, to assist in the economic development of the area and to operate same as a non-profit organization.


There are several ways you can help support the Byesville Scenic Railway:

1) Visit our museum

2) Become a member

3) Offer a donation to our organization


By supporting the Byesville Scenic Railway, you help to preserve our coal mining and railroad heritage.